The Adventure in Instagramable Lands Above the Clouds in Jogja

Jogja – Yogyakarta known for its endless attractions and appeal. Many say that a single visit to Jogja is never enough. The list of things you can experience in Jogja may seem overwhelming, ranging from natural splendors, art, tradition, and heritages.

Lately, if you see Instagram feeds related to Jogja tourism, the city is now decorated with wonderful new attractions that will bring you to the most spectacular sights of its picturesque nature. Especially the newly constructed viewpoints / viewing decks that hype among selfie seekers and photography hunters today. Make you feel as if you are on the land above the clouds. Those places offer dramatic as well as romantic above the clouds views that are so Instagrammable.

So, we will show you a list of “lands above the clouds” that are Instagram-worthy places and budget breakdown when you are visiting Jogja, or planning to go to Jogja.

Jurang Tembelan Kanigoro

Just about a 40-minute drive from the city, Jurang Tembelan / Tembelan Cliff is in the area of Mangunan Hill, near Mangunan Orchard. The place has a ship shaped viewing deck made of bamboo, giving the illusion of floating above the curvy flow of Oya River. The best time to photograph Jurang Tembelan is at sunrise, the mist that covered Oya River will look so dramatic.  But you can also enjoy the sunset here.

Bukit Panguk Kediwung

About 2 km away from Mangunan Orchard, Panguk Kediwung Hill is within the same area as the Dlingo Pine Forest (Hutan Pinus Dlingo). It is one of the best places to enjoy the sunrise and enchanting wide expanse of greenery. Surely you’ll never want to miss taking a selfie at this spot.

Puncak Becici

Judging from a number of photos on Instagram, this spot is very popular for those looking for a memorable place to record their holiday memories. Puncak Becici / Becici Peak has gained more world’s popularity since the visit of the 44th US President, Barack Obama and his family. Located in Gunung Mutuk Village, it is undoubtable a nice place to watch sunset, wondrous natural sceneries, Mt Merapi and Sindoro.


Kalibiru is a viewing deck where you can see Sermo Reservoir from above and Indian Ocean. In the area of Kalibiru National Park in Kulonprogo, this place is a perfect spot for taking unique selfie photos

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

An active volcano 20 million years ago, this place is now an exotic place to see dazzling sunrise to sunset and sparkling Jogja at night from above. To reach Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano’s top, you need to take an hour to 90 minutes trekking. This place is dedicated for outdoor activities such as camping, rock climbing, or flying fox.

Breksi Cliff

You can get to the top of the Breksi cliff to see a nice view of Yogyakarta city on the west side, Mount Merapi and Candi Prambanan on the north side, and Candi Ijo on the east side. You can also enjoy the nice sunrise and sunset view on the top of it. Breksi Cliff is located in Sambirejo Village, just in the same area with Queen Boko Palace and for about 3 km away from Candi Prambanan.

Punthuk Setumbu

Setumbu Hill is the name of a plateau situated around 4 km west of Borobudur temple. It is the best location to enjoy the Borobudur sunrise from an elevation of about 400 m above the sea level. Here, you can witness the mystical Borobudur’s shape with two mountains beside it (Mt. Merapi & Mt. Merbabu), the ray of sunrise breaks through the mist that covers the whole area of Borobudur and its surrounding.